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South Australia Map Inland South Australia West of Adelaide Adelaide and surrounds East of Adelaide

South Australia is a state of contrasts and surprises. Find out what this great state has to offer.

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Underwater Training Centre - SA

based in Burra, SA, Australia
ADAS Accredited Commercial Diver Training, Diver Medical Technician & ROV Pilot Training.
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Wild Australia Guide - Marine FishesWild Australia Guide - Marine Fishes
From the unusual mating systems of weedfish that give birth to live young, to the man-killing reputation of the awe-inspiring Great Barracuda, Australian marine fish cover a spectacular and diverse range of sizes, shapes and colours.
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PCU-02 Macro LensPCU-02 Macro Lens
Made by UN Photographics in Japan, this macro lens is designed for the PT-series of Olympus underwater camera and other camera housings - 46mm port thread diameter.
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Great White Sharks Cage Diving with Rodney FoxGreat White Sharks Cage Diving with Rodney Fox
I first saw Blue Water White Death in London in 1971. Blue Water White Death was the first feature length film to introduce Great White Sharks to a mass audience. It starred Peter Gimbel, Ron & Valerie Taylor, and Stan Waterman ...
Great White, great divingGreat White, great diving
This was my first time diving with Calypso Star Charters and Captain Rolf who had come highly recommended.
Ewens Pond, South AustraliaEwens Pond, South Australia
Mt. Gambier in South Australia is a region filled with stunning freshwater lakes filtered by limestone, cave diving and extinct volcanoes. For divers without Cave qualifications Ewens Ponds beckons.
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