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Beneath the city of Mount Gambier lie caves and sinkholes, above it bustles with shops, restaurants and galleries. Its best-known icon is the Blue Lake, which mysteriously changes colour to deep blue from November to March.

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Life in the Graveyards of the PacificLife in the Graveyards of the Pacific
Our master divers have spent years diving in the Blue Pacific investigating some of the many famous and mysterious shipwrecks.
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Diving Adventures - 5 Crown Islands of the PacificDiving Adventures - 5 Crown Islands of the Pacific
Immerse yourself into the distinct waters of the Poor Knights and the Three Kings islands as we go to extremes to bring you some of the most unique footage ever made.


Ewens Pond, South AustraliaEwens Pond, South Australia
Mt. Gambier in South Australia is a region filled with stunning freshwater lakes filtered by limestone, cave diving and extinct volcanoes. For divers without Cave qualifications Ewens Ponds beckons.
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