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Thailand is a meeting place, where people of diverse backgrounds have come together to pool their culture and racial characteristics, giving rise to something new, strong and vital. With a territory and population about the same size as France, Thailan

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The Art of Diving: And Adventure in the Underwater WorldThe Art of Diving: And Adventure in the Underwater World
Award winning photographer Alexander Mustard joins forces with leading author Nick Hanna to bring you this remarkable book which captures the soul of scuba diving and takes the experience of being underwater to new imaginative levels.
$AU 89.95
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Diving Adventures - 5 Crown Islands of the PacificDiving Adventures - 5 Crown Islands of the Pacific
Immerse yourself into the distinct waters of the Poor Knights and the Three Kings islands as we go to extremes to bring you some of the most unique footage ever made.


Restoring a Fishery - With DugongsRestoring a Fishery - With Dugongs
In an imaginative approach to fisheries renewal a Thai scientist is using the dugong as the centerpiece of his campaign to restore fishing livelihoods and coastal ecosystems. Julian Cribb reports.
Leopard Sharks Up Close and PersonalLeopard Sharks Up Close and Personal
The leopard shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) belongs to the Order of carpet sharks (Orectolobiformes) and is easily recognisable.
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