Scuba Diving - My Love and Passion


I remember looking at a dive magazine at work a few years back and a colleague who was a scuba diver started telling me about his scuba diving experiences. I showed an interest in what he was talking about and he gave me a few books on the subject.

Giant Moray Eel

I became so keen and enthused that I wanted to give this scuba diving a try.

Whether or not this was a mid life crisis or not! I got together with two other work mates and signed on to do the course.

Well that was ten years ago that I became certified and I have found diving to be the medium to access a gateway to another world.


I enjoyed my diving and the watery environment so much but it wasn't enough just to have the memories. I had to capture these memories on film, so I bought myself a camera and it now goes on every dive that I do. I never want to miss a thing that I see down there.

This underwater realm is truly magnificent, the beauty and diversification of its creatures, the splendid colours of the various fish and the beautiful coral gardens. Mother Nature has outdone herself and created a magical paradise.


I feel privileged and honored every time I go diving to see this marvelous spectacle.

I only hope that future generations will be able to see what I have seen and we can protect this magnificent reef system. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful creation on our doorstep.

When I am to old to dive I will have my wonderful memories and my photos to show the younger generation and explain to them that they are the keepers and protectors of this beautiful place.

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