So you thought the Ocean had marvellous creatures to see!

In 2003 having been dry for the bulk of a number of years due to having a young family I finally broke through and was able to get both my sons PADI accredited.

Hallelujah, I now had an excuse to go diving without the ball and chain carrying on about leaving her with the kids. Hey, I had been fair all those years ago I bought her a PADI open Water Course for her engagement present and I did book our honeymoon to Vanuatu (do they dive there?).

Early in 2003 the boys joined the dive course and studiously worked through the books and exams in preparation for their baptism in the pool. Of course, they both had had a try on dads reg a few times in a metre of water - but nothing is better than getting on your own gear and getting wet.?Their expectation was high.

On day 2 of the pool work (in a Melbourne Public Pool) I decided to don the gear and help the Instructor. During breaks of training the Instructor 's son and I kitted up and decided to play in the deep end of the local pool. I had forgotten how invisible you can be on the bottom of a pool! The Instructors son nearly drowned as he watched young girls do laps over head with parts of their body protruding from their costumes - I banned my sons from coming to the bottom until these scantily clad hussies had gotten out. (hmm .... could this be seen as sexist comments? - let us know - the ed.)

The ocean dive was an experience, there is nothing like watching your sons trying to dive with massive smiles on their dials knowing that they have attained their qualifications. The boys are now unstoppable wanting to gain more qualifications and keep diving - which is great but it is sending me broker. The challenge now is to get their mum back in the water - she hasn't dived since I took her to Shark Rock !!!

We look forward to our next holiday - Vanuatu, Truk, PNG or somewhere near the seas will be fun.

Ric Mingramm
PADI Advanced Open Water
Diving since 1980

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