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Terrific Tulamben
by DanielN added 2009-09-23
Bali is a land famous for its lush green landscapes, endless sunny days and a bustling tourism industry in the south with many activities including surfing, cycling, trekking and rafting. Often overlooked though is the variety and quality of diving. From deep drift dives in search of pelagics to muck diving in the volcanic black sand looking for critters; Bali has it all!
underwater australasia Photo Competition 2008-09 Winners
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-08-31
underwater australasia is very excited to announce the BIG WINNERS of our 5th annual Photo Competition.
MIDE '09 - A dive show growing strong
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-08-31
For the third time I made it to the Malaysian International Dive Expo (MIDE), which by now can no longer be called an emerging dive show.
A Great White Adventure
by John Natoli added 2009-07-24
The voyage from Port Lincoln to North Neptune Island will take approximately 5 hours as we make our way in very mild conditions with slight seas and wind speeds no greater than 15 knots......
Heading North in Bali - Excellent diving and the ultimate tranquillity
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-06-27
After two weeks of diving around Ambon and the Banda islands, northern Bali offered the perfect place to chill out. A peaceful stretch where you can experience the real Balinese lifestyle
Diving Banda - Discovering the East Indonesian Archipelago
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-06-26
Visiting Banda is interesting for two reasons: excellent diving and its amazing history. Banda islands, part of a volcanic group of islands covered with lush vegetation, have been a destination for traders for more than two thousand years.
Seahorses - Ethereal Beauty
by GalinaR added 2009-06-19
My ultimate diving dream is to meet orcas underwater. While I am waiting for this divine meeting with sea giants, I am fascinated with tiny graceful creatures called Hippocampus. Their name derives from Greek for seahorse and literally translates as horse sea monster.
Shark Ballads
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-03-23
Earlier this year we asked our members to come up with a poem on why sharks should be saved around the globe.....
Diving with a propeller - Seadoo Supercharged Scooter
by Kay added 2009-03-06
My first opportunity to use the Seadoo Supercharged Seascooter was recently on a dive in the Tweed River, northern NSW. Visibility was quite good (15m) and water temperature was warm (24 degrees).
'Seascooter Simon' - a side-by-side review of the Seadoo Explorer and VS Supercharged
by Simon added 2009-03-06
Right off the bat I want to make it clear that, to the best of my knowledge, I've never used an underwater scooter before.
Diving Ambon - Reefs, Muck and a Shipwreck
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2009-02-13
The island of Ambon, part of Maluku Province located in the Eastern parts of Indonesia between Papua and Sulawesi, is not on the travel schedule of many people, however for serious divers this is a destination offering diving away from the crowds as well as some amazing history and culture.
All at Once - Anilao, Philippines
by mikeB added 2008-12-13
I recently had the opportunity to visit Beautiful Anilao, Philippines.
Clean-up of the Tweed River 2008
by Simon added 2008-10-11
The PADI Project Aware International Clean-up Day activities up at the Tweed River went well.
Cowries and Ovulids
by Erika Antoniazzo added 2008-09-10
Long prized by primitive people for their shape and attractive colors, Cowrie shells were widely used for money in ancient times.
Australian Sea Lions - what a buzz!
by John Natoli added 2008-09-01
It was around midday, when Andrew Fox suggested that conditions were perfect for a brief stop over at Hopkins Island and take a dive with Australian Sea Lions.
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