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underwater australasia Photocompetition 2007-08 Winners
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2008-08-20
The annual photo competition is over, the judges have spoken and we are ready to announce the winners of the 4th annual underwater australasia photo competition.
Having A Jelly Good Time!
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2008-07-21
Our recent Malaysia itinerary included a 2-day 2-night stunt to Redang Island in the North East of peninsular Malaysia; escaping the Australian cold for a few days and getting some dives in.
Back to Malaysia - MIDE'08
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2008-07-21
For the second time in two years I made my way to Kuala Lumpur and to the Malaysia International Dive Expo.
Grey Nurse Shark rescued from fishing gaff in Byron Bay
by Simon added 2008-07-16
I joined Sue and big Mark (from the Byron Bay Dive Centre) and (to avoid missing anyone) the Seaworld crew, Marine Parks and Fisheries aboard the Seaworld boat this morning for a rescue attempt. My job was videographer for the underwater part of the operation. All of the shark wrangling was done by Seaworld staff.
Night dive at the Rock
by Gerard added 2008-05-27
The sunset over the bay was a real treat to watch through the boat as we waited for water to lift her. We would soon be on our way past the perfectly peeling lines of swell and out to the rocks.
Using my Tokina 10–17mm Fisheye lens
by John Natoli added 2008-05-27
I had only just booked a trip to Vanuatu to dive the President Coolidge ... and I thought “That’s it! I need that lens for the Vanuatu trip” ......
Diving Lembeh Strait - Indonesia
by mikeB added 2008-05-26
I met up with my long time friend and dive buddy Kevin Lee in Singapore. We were excitedly chatting about the next couple of weeks that lay ahead. ....
Neville Coleman's new 'Nudibranchs Encyclopedia' - a review and how it compares to the new Debelius and Kuiter 'Nudibranchs of the World'.
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2008-03-02
The long awaited 'Nudibranchs Encyclopedia - Catalogue of Asia and Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs' by Neville Coleman has finally arrived and what an encyclopedia it is!
Encounter with a Whaleshark at North Stradbroke
by MatthiasWildermuth added 2008-02-25
Something huge was out there and from the side it looks first like a tiger shark. I mean, it was too big for a zebra shark....
Discovering the endless in Endless Ocean
by Nick Lo added 2008-02-17
"Swim, interact, and observe! Experience the wonders of the ocean through Wii" is how Nintendo's Endless Ocean game describes itself, the game unfortunately, does not live up to the description as our review reveals.
Have Maluku Divers found a 'new' frogfish?
by Andy Shorten added 2008-02-09
The team at Maluku Divers recently rediscovered a very interesting frogfish in Ambon Bay, Indonesia.
Yap, Micronesia - not just a place for Manta Rays
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2008-01-17
Yep, it is worthwhile traveling from Australia to Yap in Micronesia – or from anywhere else for that matter. Yap is a unique paradise in Micronesia - lush, tropical and with abundant life above and below the water.
Lembeh : In search of the Holy Grail
by MonaD added 2007-12-27
It is a strange feeling to get back to a place such as Lembeh. Six months ago, it took me by surprise. My camera overheated at every dive. I was overwhelmed by all these new critters .
Palau - sharks, walls, caves and jellyfish…
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2007-12-19
Travelling to Palau was not as easy as we would have liked as we couldn't get direct flights from Australia. Although this was a pretty long journey, it proved a very worthwhile one as diving Palau is just fantastic.
Selayar - a remote diving paradise in Sulawesi
by MonaD added 2007-11-26
Selayar is a hidden paradise for divers, located off the southern end of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
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