Taken at Davies Reef, off Townsville, QLD. Photocomp January '04 - Open


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A Day in the Life of the Great Barrier ReefA Day in the Life of the Great Barrier Reef
Besides an in-depth illustrated ecology of the coral reef system by Dr. Carden Wallace, this book consists of a pictorial documentary that is actually captured over the course of One Day on the Great Barrier Reef. A special book at a very special price!


Yongala Dive Yongala Dive
Speedy day trips to the famous wreck of the S.S. Yongala from Alva Beach, Queensland, Australia. In less than 40 minutes you could be diving the S.S. Yongala. The S.S. Yongala is one of the best dives in Australia and voted one of the Top 10 Best Dives in the World.


Sea Snake BallSea Snake Ball
My husband had the most interesting experience diving on the Yongala. Most of the divers were all ready overboard. My husband and dive master were ready to enter the water when ...
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