This is a resident at Mornington Pier, Melbourne, VIC. In fact this little Occy follows us around just so he can become famous...lol...so thought ide give him a helping hand.....stay away from those fishing hook little occy. Photocomp February '05 - Novice


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RedEye Filter G SeriesRedEye Filter G Series
The RedEye Filter G Series is a red color correction filter for the G16, G15, G12, G11 & G10 Housings (WP-DC52, WP-DC48, WP-DC34 and WP-DC28 Housings respectively)
$AU 64.95
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Human Dim Sim in space - or how not to use your SMB!Human Dim Sim in space - or how not to use your SMB!
A useful safety device for most divers is the surface marker buoy. In essence it is an easily seen surface float which is connected to the diver by means of a thin, strong line, usually carried on a reel.
Underwater Card 2