Exmouth Manta

Exmouth Manta

Exmouth Manta

I have this photo which I also put in as part of our Exmouth trip article but thought it may be worthy of an entry to win a camera which I could give to my students to use on our other camps.

This lovely beauty with a wingspan of at least three metres came within a metre of us, and those students I had with me were still on single digit dives. How do they top this? Keep diving to see more?


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The Fantastic Exmouth Camp : 2005The Fantastic Exmouth Camp : 2005
Leaving at 6.30 in the morning for two days driving was a tough ask for some. "Where's Paris" was the question. My response was "In France", "No, Where's Paris Knight?", "In France when it's dark!". Some people are just not morning people I was quickly coming to understand.
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