Jacks and Turtle

Jacks and Turtle

Jacks and Turtle

Photo Competition November. Date: July 2010, Nikon d300, hugyfot housing, 10,5mm lens, 2 inon z240

Description: This turtle came out of nowhere as I was shooting the school of Jacks in Balicasag.

This picture is not cropped but resized for sending as internet is a bit slow here. Can get you full resolution if needed.


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Panic away!Panic away!
I never liked the sea. It is slimy, salty, and stings my eyes. But as I marveled at schools of tropical fish darting about in blue and yellow streaks among brain coral on the Discovery Channel, it hit me. I have to know: Is the sea really as vibrant as this? ... - WINNER best story July 2003
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