It's you .. or me .. pal?

It's you .. or me .. pal?

It's you .. or me .. pal?

This Leopard Shark was on a mission this day. Just moments after he collided with my camera housing, he decided to take on a diver! I guess he was either very inquisitive ... or just very friendly. Infact, he played with us for a good 15 minutes or so, swimming over us, around us and in-between our legs. Julian Rocks, Byron Bay


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Fantasea Australia Fantasea Australia
Fantasea Line is an international company that has been involved in diving, water sports and photographic industries for nearly 40 years.


Diving with a propeller - Seadoo Supercharged ScooterDiving with a propeller - Seadoo Supercharged Scooter
My first opportunity to use the Seadoo Supercharged Seascooter was recently on a dive in the Tweed River, northern NSW. Visibility was quite good (15m) and water temperature was warm (24 degrees).
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