Sydney Underwater Buddies (SUBS)

SUBS is a non-profit making social diving and snorkelling club for gay men and lesbians and their friends in Sydney and beyond. The club was formed in 1993, and has grown to around 90 members. Membership is open to gay men and lesbians and their friends with a common interest in diving or snorkelling.

We dive at least twice a month in and around Sydney, and include several trips per year to dive on the North and South Coasts. Our dive days include both shore and boat dives.


Fish out of water Fish out of water
<p>I have a confession to make: I am an addict, addicted to diving. Some people may call it an obsession, but for me it's just a love of the ocean and all the things within it.</p>
Seahorses - Ethereal Beauty Seahorses - Ethereal Beauty
My ultimate diving dream is to meet orcas underwater. While I am waiting for this divine meeting with sea giants, I am fascinated with tiny graceful creatures called Hippocampus. Their name derives from Greek for seahorse and literally translates as horse sea monster.
Sydney Underwater Buddies (SUBS)
PO Box A155 ,
Sydney South, NSW, Australia
0421 697 726
0413 308 418
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