Diving Resort Travel Expo | Shanghai 7 - 9 April 2017

Shanghai is consider the most suitable business trading HUB in Asia Pacific, with friendly and high educated residents, large populations of ocean sport lovers, high quality of financial service and distributor.

The DRT Show is considered to be the largest gathering for diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and anyone with a passion for the underwater world. The DRT Show has been met with an overwhelming response as an important regional event. We truly promote branding and are supported by top-level exhibitors and leading dive equipment manufacturers, water sport equipment manufacturers, dive resorts, tourism boards, marine conservation and diving organizations. DRT Show greatly promote trading and export business and has become the most important and 'MUST VISIT' diving equipment and diving destination event in Asia Pacific.


Turning the Tide Turning the Tide
When Sacha, scientist and champion free diver, got together with Argentinean photographer, Alejandro Rolandi, they started developing a scenario to bring the hidden world of shark nets out of the water and into the public eye and hopefully the public conscience.
Great Manta Encounters Great Manta Encounters
There should be ballads, poetry and overtures written for mantas...in our ocean world, they are the epitome of grace.
Jason Chong
800 Ling Ling Road, Xu Hui district,
Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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