Diving Resort Travel Expo | Beijing 3 - 5 July 2018

Beijing is capital city and political center of China, Beijing is also considered the very first place in China developing diving activities earlier than other places in the country, with friendly and high educated residents, large populations of ocean sport lovers, high quality of financial service and distributor. Beijing is definitely a good options for you to exhibit and introduce your products and services.

The DRT Show is considered to be the largest gathering for diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and anyone with a passion for the underwater world. The DRT Show has been met with an overwhelming response as an important regional event. We truly promote branding and are supported by top-level exhibitors and leading dive equipment manufacturers, water sport equipment manufacturers, dive resorts, tourism boards, marine conservation and diving organizations. DRT Show greatly promotes trading and export business and has become the most important and 'MUST VISIT' diving equipment and diving destination event in Asia Pacific.

DRT Show is considered the largest Diving and Resort expo in Asia! DRT Show is the ONLY Diving and Resort expo supported by AUF, CUA, HKUA, MUC, PADI, NAUI, SSI, TDISDI, UTD, RAID, PSAI, IANTD, ANDI, DIWA and DAN. We are serving more than 960 exhibitors, 1,300 booths a year, organizing 8 diving expos in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India annually.

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The Lure of the Deep The Lure of the Deep
It's a rare diver amongst us that has not felt the urge to stray that little deeper on a dive, the temptations of that rare aquatic encounter just that little further below you.
Shark Finning - a Global Overview Shark Finning - a Global Overview
It�s been nearly five years since Rob Stewart showed the scale and severity of the illegal shark finning trade to the world in Shark Water, and demand for shark fin products had been on the increase years before that. But what�s the state of shark finning, shark populations and the action against shark finning right now?
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