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Come with us and experience the world's most famous, most feared and most spectacular of sharks - the Great White. To see a great white shark in the wild is a very special and rare experience but to come face to face with one underwater is the most exciting experience available to divers today!

This tour takes place around the scenic offshore islands of South Australia and has been described as the ultimate adventure that Australia has to offer.

Only in South Australia can you experience the live aboard tours with Rodney and Andrew Fox that incomparably maximize your “face to face” opportunities with great white sharks.

Our special adventures depart from Port Lincoln, and head out into the clear blue waters of the Southern Ocean. At the Neptune Islands we find an array of wildlife, including many bird species, dolphins, thousands of fur seals, and the beautiful and rare Australian sea lion. This is the natural feeding ground of the great white shark.

Boat Description:



A Great White Adventure A Great White Adventure
The voyage from Port Lincoln to North Neptune Island will take approximately 5 hours as we make our way in very mild conditions with slight seas and wind speeds no greater than 15 knots......
Great White, great diving Great White, great diving
This was my first time diving with Calypso Star Charters and Captain Rolf who had come highly recommended.
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