Byron Bay Whale Watching

One of Australia's most popular whale watching locations Byron Bay is famous as one of the most popular whale watching locations in Australia. Each June/July thousands of Humpback whales travel past Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point, on their annual migration from Antarctica to their breeding grounds off the Great Barrier Reef. Then in September/October the same humpback whales return with their newborn calves. Join one of our tours and let Whale Watching Byron Bay take you to meet these majestic creatures as they frolic in the waters just off Cape Byron. We are Byron Bay's most professional whale watching company. This is one breath taking adventure you will not want to miss.

Boat Description:

Our vessels are permitted by New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service to be launched directly from Cape Byron. This allows us to access the waters used by migrating Humpback whales within minutes of departing Cape Byron. Therefore there are no long boat rides to and from whale watching sites and your whale watching adventure begins immediately.

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Leopard Sharks Up Close and Personal Leopard Sharks Up Close and Personal
The leopard shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) belongs to the Order of carpet sharks (Orectolobiformes) and is easily recognisable.
Hooked on Julian Rocks, Byron Bay Hooked on Julian Rocks, Byron Bay
20th July 2003 .... that is the first time I drove down from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay and arrived at Sundive, jumped on one of their boats and set out to dive Julian Rocks - and I have been addicted ever since
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