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Established in 1982, Samui International Diving School Group of Companies incorporating Planet Scuba has over 20 years of experience in Scuba Diver Education and Dive Tours in Thailand. We are One of Thailand’s leading 5 Star Instructor Development Centers.

Operating three custom built dive boats we pride ourselves in our customer service and are committed to Diver Safety, Diver Enjoyment and Customer satisfaction, we are continually looking at ways to upgrade and improve our services.

We operate a chain of Full Service Dive Centers on the Islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao and one in the heart of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok Offering dive tours to the best dive sites in the area and the full range of PADI courses from beginner to professional with optional accommodation packages.



Training Level:

upto Instructor Career Development Programs

Boat Description:

MV- Wave Runner was launched in July 2002 and was designed with customer comfort and safety in mind. Her decks are spacious and well laid out. She boasts 2 lounges with TV & Audio visual entertainment centers as well as 2 spacious sundecks where you can enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

MV- Waverunner Specifications • Length: 28 Meter wooden hull • Width: 5.5 Meter • Draft: 2.0 Meter • Cruising Speed 12-14 Knots • 2 x 420 HP V- 10 Marine Diesels • 2 x 75 KW Generator • 3.5 RIB Chase Boat • VHF Radio, • GPS, Depth Sounder

Boat Amenities & Features • 2 x Audio and Video entertainment areas • Open air sun decks with shaded areas • Large Dive Deck with fresh water showers & Camera rinsing • 4 x large and easy to use boarding ladders •
Chase Boat • Onboard Videographer and Camera Rental • Onboard DPV’S rental • Fully equipped Galley with onboard chef • Fresh Towels Daily • First Aid Station with Oxygen • 2 x Western Toilets and Showers

“Naughty Girl 1”, Our 36 foot twin engine Speedboat was launched back in March 2000 and was designed to give us a faster option in reaching the more remote offshore sites around Koh Tao. She is fitted with a comfortable dive platform offering easy access to entry exit points.

Speedboat “Naughty Girl” Specifications

• Length: 36 Foot Hard wood planked hull • Width: 3.5 Meter •
Draft: 1.0 Meter • Cruising Speed 25-28 Knots • 2 x 200 HP Yamaha Outboard Engines • VHF Radio, Marine Telephone • GPS • First Aid Kit and Oxygen

“Naughty Girl 2”, Our 42 footer twin engine Speedboat was launched in August 2003 and is designed to give us a greater flexibility when reaching the more remote offshore sites around Koh Samui and Koh Tao. She is fitted with a comfortable dive platform offering easy access to entry exit points.

Speedboat “Naughty Girl” Specifications

• Length: 42’ Glass Fibre hull • Width: 4.5 Meter • Draft: 1.2 Meter • Cruising Speed 26-32Knots • 3x 200 HP Yamaha Outboard Engines • Marine Toilet • GPS • First Aid Kit and Oxygen

Sites Visited:


Sail Rock-This dramatic rock rises out of the water creating the best wall dive in the Gulf of Thailand, with a maximum depth of 40 meters. You will find the wall covered in sponges along with many oysters and clams clinging to the craggy surface. Most divers come here in the hope of seeing whale sharks, which are frequently sighted in season, whilst the rest of the year divers swim surrounded by schools of pelagic fish patrolling the depths. The site is best known for it’s naturally formed rock ‘chimney’ where you can enter an opening at 18 meters and ascend inside the rock and exit at 10 meters.

Ang Thong National Marine Park - Made famous in the recent novel and film ‘The Beach’, this beautiful group of islands has some of the most impressive land scenery in SE Asia. These dive sites are renowned for their variety of soft corals, fascinating underwater caves and swim thru’s. Here you will be amazed by the diversity of marine life, the sites are also ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

Koh Tao - This small island boasts around 20 excellent dive sites. World class diving can be found at Chumporn & South West Pinnacles. Other Popular sites include Shark Island with its diverse range of coral and marine life, White Rock with its Trigger Fish and Turtles and the exciting swim thru’s of Green Rock. For Beginners or Experienced Divers, Koh Tao is the ideal choice

Koh Nang Yuan - Located just off Koh Tao this small island consists of three rocky outlets, connected by three white sandy beaches. Here you will find three bays with sloping reefs going down to a maximum depth of 14 meters, which are ideal for snorkeling and diving. You will find all kinds of coral including, lettuce coral as well as stag horn, and tabletop and cauliflower corals. Among the many varieties of reef fish living here are parrotfish, bird wrasse, butterfly fish, small yellow tail barracuda and honeycombed grouper.

Shark Island - Located just of the South coast of Koh Tao this twin rock outcrop consists of a steeply slopping reef going from 4 meters down to 20 meters. One of the biggest attractions of this dive is the variety of corals and fish life to be found. On the East side of the rock you will find a slopping reef covered in brain corals, vivid pink anemones and large barrel sponges, among the corals you will see snappers, banded angel fish and blue spotted stingrays. Whale Sharks are frequently sighted in season along with the odd Turtle and there is also the chance of seeing a few Black tip reef sharks. This site is also ideal for novice and experienced divers and offers great snorkeling.

Chumpon Pinnacles - Located North West of Koh Tao, this group of completely submerged pinnacles is probably one of the best dives in the Gulf Of Thailand and is not to be missed. The giant rock pinnacles rise up from 35 meters to 14 meters and are covered in a carpet of pink anemones. The main attraction for many divers is the massive groupers that can be seen on most dives hanging in the current just off the pinnacles. Here you will also have an excellent opportunity to see the illusive Whale Shark, which often cruises by followed by, great barracuda, jacks, tuna and shoals of Bat fish.

Green Rock - Lying to the North of Koh Nang Yuan this site is famous for its numerous swim-throughs, caverns and overhangs. Descending down the Northern most buoy line to 18 meters you will find the nesting ground of the infamous Triggerfish, in season sometimes there will be up to 20-30 of them. Triggerfish are beautiful creatures however in season some species are extremely territorial, so divers beware.



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