Tranquillity Island Eco Resort & Dive Base

Tranquillity is located on Moso Island, north-west of the island of Efate in Vanuatu. Accommodation is in Island Style bungalows (fares), on the water's edges, each with its own bathroom facilities. Fares are suitable for singles, couples & families. We also have 2 dormitories sleeping up to 8 people. Meals are served in our "Beach House". Meals are generally part of a package. Activities include SCUBA Diving at any of our 18+ Dive Sites, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Hiking, Reef-walking, Cave exploring or just relaxing on our sunny beaches. Full PADI Dive Courses are available. From Introductory Dives to Dive Master, including many Specialties. With over 18 dives sites you may never have to dive the same site twice! - Unless, of course, you want to! The resort is also a Turtle Sanctuary. The project has been developed to raise and release baby Hawkesbill Turtles. Enquire about Sponsoring a Turtle!



Training Level:

up to Dive Master

Boat Description:

We have a large, comfortable & sturdy Diving vessel, "Island Diver". "Island Diver" has a small galley and onboard toilet. Covered area inside the boat and also a Sun deck on top.

Sites Visited:

Moso Island has an abundance of marine life. One of the most wonderfully diverse marine sites out of Vila, Tranquillity Dive Base on Moso Island has so much to offer for today's diver & snorkeller. We have over 18 different dive sites to choose from, weather permitting, so you will never have to dive the same site twice - unless of course you want to! Our Dive sites, mainly boat dives, include Drop-Offs to 114m in depth, Reef Bommies, Coral Gardens, a Wreck, Cave & Thermal Vents, Drift Dives and many Swim-Throughs. Our dive sites have a great range of soft & hard corals, reef fish & large pelargic, eagle rays, turtles & a range of marine mammals like dolphins & dugongs.



Using my Tokina 10�17mm Fisheye lens Using my Tokina 10�17mm Fisheye lens
I had only just booked a trip to Vanuatu to dive the President Coolidge ... and I thought �That�s it! I need that lens for the Vanuatu trip� ......
Hey Dude where's my pic? Hey Dude where's my pic?
Having press ganged my adoring fiancee into completing a scuba course, in the off chance that we would honeymoon at a diving location, I then had to put up with tears and fears as she battled her way through the fear of sharks, embellism, sea snakes, jelly fish, piranha ...
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