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SEA-DOO® Sea scooters - fun underwater, snorkeling and in the pool

Underwater Australasia is the exclusive official distributor for SEA-DOO® Seascooters. The revolutionary SeaDoo® Seascooter series features the lightest and most efficient personal water propellers in the world at a price that won't break the bank.

Perfect for swimmers, snorkellers, scuba divers and professional divers a SEA-DOO® Seascooter guarantees hours of fun in the pool, lake, and the ocean!

We stock nearly the entire range of SeaDoo Seascooters as well as spare batteries and other spare parts.

Brandnew and released to the world in 2011 is the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ RS SERIES

With its environmentally friendly LI-ION power source and unique, instant neutral buoyancy system, the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ RS Series offers a bold new way to experience the big blue.

Other current models include the updated SeaDoo Seascooter Explorer X for the serious diver, the SeaDoo Seascooter Supercharged PLUS, the SeaDoo Seascooter GTI still excellent for divers and snorkellers, and the SeaDoo Seascooter Dolphin plus the new Aqua Ranger which are heaps of fun in the pool.

Check out the whole range of models and prices right here in the underwater shop.


Just another day in Byron Bay Just another day in Byron Bay
Starting up and running a Divers Retreat here in Byron Bay has been the best decision ever. Talking to our guests about something I am passionate about is just great. You understand their enthusiasm about experiencing something new and of course most of them have fantastic stories to tell themselves on where to go and what they have seen.
When Titan's Attack - What Every Underwater Photographer Should Know When Titan's Attack - What Every Underwater Photographer Should Know
Most underwater photographers who have spent any time in the Indo Pacific have come across the very photogenic Titan Triggerfish.
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