Travelog for Steve Gillespie

Mantis Mantis
A Mantis Shrimp at a dive site called the "Blow Holes" at Kavieng, Papua New Guinea.
Photocomp May '08 - Open.
Added: June 19th 2008 at 3:40am
Solo Seal Solo Seal
A seal photographed at Montague Island, Australia.
Photocomp April '08 - Open
Added: May 10th 2008 at 4:17am
Sea Flea Sea Flea
This photo of a sea flea was taken by me at Shellharbour, NSW, Australia at a place called the "Third Gutter".
Photocomp April '08 - Open
Added: May 9th 2008 at 2:42am
Chromodoris collingwoodi Chromodoris collingwoodi
Photo of a Collingwood's Chromodoris taken at Fly Point, Nelson Bay, Australia.
Photocomp March '08 - Novice
Added: April 1st 2008 at 1:50am
Curious Curious
The photo was taken whilst on a trip to Lord Howe Island last November.
Photocomp February '06 - Novice
Added: February 22nd 2006 at 1:20am





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