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Dive, eat, sleep - Liveaboard Survey Dive, eat, sleep - Liveaboard Survey
A live aboard dive holiday is the ultimate choice for the dedicated diver and underwater photographers. However there are some important issues to consider prior to making a reservation.
Added: April 3rd 2005 at 3:14am
Working with HMI lights Working with HMI lights
HMI technology is not new. It evolved in the late 1960s when lamp developer Osram began producing HMI bulbs for the film industry at the request of German television seeking a less expensive alternative to incandescent lights. Ironically, HMI is now much more expensive than halogen and tungsten.
Added: April 3rd 2005 at 3:01am
The Big Leap The Big Leap
With several reputable brands producing entry-level digital SLRs (DSLRs) at a very competitive price, a number of underwater photographers currently using consumer or prosumer cameras are now thinking of upgrading their current set-up. But stop! Before you make the big leap, just read these few words of hard-earned wisdom.
Added: February 21st 2005 at 2:30am
Incredible Fiji Incredible Fiji
Blue Lagoon, Castaway, Savage Islands, Anacondas ... names that evoke impressions of aquamarine water, waving coconut palms, white sand beaches, secret gardens, hidden lakes, swift rivers, waterfalls, high mountains and raw adventure.
Added: February 21st 2005 at 2:21am
Galapagos - Mystery of Mysteries Galapagos - Mystery of Mysteries
"The bountiful sea rumbled and roared under constant grey skies while the islands slumbered, their summits shrouded in mist, the lowlands leafless, dormant and salt scoured." Tui De Roy.
Added: February 21st 2005 at 1:56am
Wet Nurse to a Dragon Wet Nurse to a Dragon
"If we go into the ocean often enough, one day it will show you its true wonders."
Added: February 21st 2005 at 12:20am
Great Manta Encounters Great Manta Encounters
There should be ballads, poetry and overtures written for our ocean world, they are the epitome of grace.
Added: February 21st 2005 at 12:08am
Sydney, Above and Below Sydney, Above and Below
Sydney is, in my view, Australia's most breathtaking city. Flying over the harbour is always a great sight when returning home from a trip.
Added: February 20th 2005 at 11:33pm
Papua New Guinea, A Kaleidoscope Papua New Guinea, A Kaleidoscope
The country has a wonderful feeling that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. There is so much in Papua New Guinea to experience as it is widely spread out and diverse.
Added: November 3rd 2004 at 2:34am
If Looks Could Kill If Looks Could Kill
If looks could kill, the whale shark would be the most deadly creature in the sea. Up to 14 metres in length, weighing as much as 20 tonnes, and sporting hundreds of teeth, it is outclassed in size only by the true whales.
Added: November 3rd 2004 at 1:31am
Diving Indonesia Diving Indonesia
The tropical seas from the shores of East Africa, the Red Sea, through to South East Asia and then eastward to Australia, the Solomons and extending to the islands of Hawaiian Islands is the worlds richest marine province.
Added: November 3rd 2004 at 12:50am
Kakaban, Primordial Sea Kakaban, Primordial Sea
Drawing a deep breath, I dive into a primordial sea. My vision opens to a sea of jellies swimming gracefully in a green aquaria, visibility remaining clear at 5m as long as I am careful not to touch bottom and stir up the silt accumulated over the last 19,000 years.
Added: September 25th 2004 at 4:05am
White's Seahorse White's Seahorse
The White's Seahorse (Hippocampus whitei) is a shy species that belongs to the syngnathidae family that includes pipefish, seahorses and seadragons.
Added: September 25th 2004 at 2:52am
Ewens Pond, South Australia Ewens Pond, South Australia
Mt. Gambier in South Australia is a region filled with stunning freshwater lakes filtered by limestone, cave diving and extinct volcanoes. For divers without Cave qualifications Ewens Ponds beckons.
Added: September 19th 2004 at 4:28am
Great White, great diving Great White, great diving
This was my first time diving with Calypso Star Charters and Captain Rolf who had come highly recommended.
Added: September 19th 2004 at 4:06am
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