Travelog for Wandy Hochgrebe

Egg case of some sort ? Egg case of some sort ?
This pile of rubbery material found in reasonable shallow waters of Byron Bay looked like an egg band of some sort of mollusc. Any ideas ? - Please reply to my entry in the critters forum on the discussion board to comment.
Added: September 4th 2003 at 6:42pm
Eastern Smooth Boxfish Eastern Smooth Boxfish
Taken at Julian Rocks on 28 August 2003 - a cute little boxfish - Anaplocapros inermis (Thanks Akos) - used Sea & Sea DX-3000
Added: August 28th 2003 at 3:19am
Yellow-finned Angelfish Yellow-finned Angelfish
Another happy snap by Wandy taken at Julian Rocks in Byron Bay on 28 August 2003 - Sea & Sea DX-3000
Added: August 28th 2003 at 3:13am
Leopard Starfish Leopard Starfish
Because of my lack of experience I was looking for something that wouldn't swim away before I could aim the camera. This starfish was just perfect! Nice colours too - DX3000
Added: June 20th 2003 at 10:42pm





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