Travelog for Peter

Fan with Feather Star Fan with Feather Star
Taken at Lady Elliot Island.
Added: April 21st 2004 at 1:14am
Silouette Silouette
This one was taken on the shot line at Lady Elliot Island - diver with remoras
Added: April 21st 2004 at 1:06am
Banded Snake Eel Banded Snake Eel
Had an absolute ball at the Bunker Group. Best weather in 6-7 years. This photo was taken off Hoskens Island.
Added: April 21st 2004 at 12:58am
Fire Urchin Fire Urchin
Took this photo 29 Feb 2004 at Hutchinsons Shoal, Moreton Bay. Any ideas WHAT it is, was in a cave crawling at some speed across the roof - Was about 6-8 inches wide shaped like a cone... Thousands of spines for feet...Colours amazing!!! - Peter, it's a fire urchin, Asthenosoma ijimai if I'm not mistaken (Tim).
Added: April 2nd 2004 at 11:58pm





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