Goat Fish in Sponge Goat Fish in Sponge
A goat fish sitting in a grey sponge taken at Portsea, Vic on 15 April 2004.
Added: May 17th 2004 at 12:12am
Fiddler Ray Fiddler Ray
A fiddler ray (also known as banjo shark) on North Wall, Portsea, VIC.
Added: May 17th 2004 at 12:08am
Just another Nudibranch Just another Nudibranch
Just another Nudibranch found on North Wall out from Portsea. (Ceratosoma brevicaudatum very southern species, seen up to about the Nelson Bay area. - Akos)
Added: May 17th 2004 at 12:03am
Another Nudibranch Another Nudibranch
I found this Nudibranch at North Wall out from Portsea, Victoria. ID please. (Chromodoris sp. - Akos)
Added: May 16th 2004 at 11:57pm
Bunch of Nudies Bunch of Nudies
This is a group of Nudibranchs at Portsea Hole in Victoria just out from Portsea Pier. (I believe these are a Mexichromis sp. from temperate regions - Akos)
Added: May 4th 2004 at 10:41pm
Nudibranch Nudibranch
This is a nudibranch photo taken by me at The Platau, out from Portsea, Victoria.
Added: May 4th 2004 at 10:39pm
Sea Spider Sea Spider
Well this is a fav, picture of mine I took it at Portsea, on the plateau. If you look carefully you can see what I think are the eggs on its legs and around the spider.
Added: April 23rd 2004 at 10:34pm
Weedy Seadragon at Portsea Weedy Seadragon at Portsea
Great picture of a weedy seadragon at Portsea Pier, Victoria.
Added: January 24th 2004 at 5:06am
Eastern Stargazer Eastern Stargazer
Eastern Stargazer photographed at Portsea Pier in January 2003 - one of my favourites.
Added: January 24th 2004 at 5:02am





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