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Coral Trout Coral Trout
Photo taken on Wheeler reef on a club trip in August '04. Taken with a Olympus C5050 and a Inon 180D strobe. Photocomp September '04 - Open
Added: September 23rd 2004 at 5:38am
Reefy Reefy
Photo taken in May '04 at Wheeler reef off Townsville, QLD. Taken with an Olympus C5050 with a Inon 180D strobe. Photocom September '04 - Open
Added: September 22nd 2004 at 7:07am
Reef Scene Reef Scene
Got myself a Wide-angle lens a while back but have only used it on the one dive. I quite like the effect of this lens, I will have to use it on a few more dives in future. All I needed was the Barramundie Cods to play the game and not put their bums to the camera.
Added: September 4th 2004 at 5:06am





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