See no evil, hear no evil, tell dad bloody nuthin

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Contributed by BAT added 2004-11-16

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Tod added 2005-03-30

Speak no evil is the bit he missed.... he shouldnt have said it.

Although he didnt mention the age of his 3 boys ( if they were over 12 I guess they would have C-cards and this comment is un-warranted). I am a little concerned about an Instructor letting his kids mess around with SCUBA gear and in front of students makes it worse. Correct me if I am wrong but the "P" in PADI is Professional?

The kids using the gear is one thing, but to then let it go so one runs out of air and ditches his gear and goes for his brothers occy is insane. While the 3rd one lays flat on his back like an upturned turtle.

I am sure the kids were within arms reach at all times and he thought all this was safe.. but how long does it take to ascend 2 or 3 metres with a lung full of compressed gas? or aspire some water. or spit a reg and drown?

Might have been a sitiuation thing mate, and funny if you were there.. But as a DM and a military diver I take it all pretty seriously. I goof off a bit in the water, but it only puts myself at risk. Once students or, heaven forbid, kids are involved you have to play by the rules.

Less funny if a kid ascends 2 or 3 metres with a gutful of compressed gas, aspires some water while laying on his back, drowns, pops an ear, or something else that could injure the kid and/or stop him diving when he is old enough.

I instruct, i know things go wrong, but when it does you deal with it and fix it and learn from it. Not laugh and publish it.

Dont know if PADI insurance covers wrecking your own kids who arent on course....

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