A Turtle Nursery At Wakatobi
by KarenS added 2014-06-06
Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old, but most don’t survive their first few days. In the wild, the tiny hatchlings typically encounter a gauntlet of predators as they hatch and make their way from beachside nests to open water, and they remain especially vulnerable those first few months of life. When nature is in balance, this attrition is a normal part of the circle of life. But when turtles become threatened by factors such as habitat loss, or predators like fish and birds, they may need a little extra help to maintain a normal population. This is where Wakatobi Dive Resort has stepped in.
Using Mirrorless Cameras Underwater
by donsilcock added 2013-03-13
Digital technology has completely revolutionized underwater photography and what was once the exclusive preserve of a few dedicated divers, has now become so common, that you stand out if you don't have a dive camera.
Diving with a Family - Wakatobi Dive Resort
by Wandy Hochgrebe added 2012-07-22
Once you have had an amazing time somewhere it always worries me to want to go back. Will it be as good as the first time? Will things have changed? Have things stayed the same, but you have changed?
Hiding in Plain Sight - Frogfish
by Karen Stearns added 2012-07-13
At first glance, divers might mistake this animal for a sponge. But a closer look reveals that this odd looking creature is actually a member of what some have called “the ugliest group of fishes in the sea."
Bombs, Turtle Soup and the World's Largest Sanctuary
by DaisyB added 2012-01-27
The history of our vast continents mountains, deserts, adventurers and fighters is well known but that of our watery periphery is often overlooked. Australia’s Coral Sea has a fascinating story and if the government continues with its current plans it will become one of the largest safe havens for marine life on the planet.
Diving Papua New Guinea - Milne Bay
by Chris Bartlett added 2011-11-17
It is one of the few places left in the world where a diver can see macro critters, pelagics, and big stuff, as well as fantastic soft and hard corals. The often misused and abused adjective “pristine” is actually appropriate here, due to low fishing pressure in the area in comparison to other areas of the Coral Triangle, no dynamite fishing, and thanks to a system implemented by dive resorts whereby local reef "owners" receiving a small fee for every diver that visits "their" reef. As a result elders make sure that the reefs are not fished.
Winners of the underwater australasia Photo Competition 2010-2011
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-11-11
underwater australasia is very excited to announce the BIG WINNERS of our 7th annual Photo Competition. In a tough year of competition we have seen some amazing entries from all over the world.....
Winners of the Underwater Festival 2011 - The Australasia Challenge
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-10-17
From the 2nd to the 11th of September 2011, hundreds of divers from all around the world participated in this 'underwater snapshot of Australasia' in all kinds of ways. They dived their way from Sydney to Cairns in 10 days, circumnavigated Bali, showed off their favourite 'own backyard' dive sites, travelled long distances to participate in one of the organised Fringe Events or created their own.
Diving Papua New Guinea - New Ireland
by Chris Bartlett added 2011-09-29
Part two of a series of three article about diving in Papua New Guinea. Two hours flight north-east of Port Moresby, with a 10-minute stop in West New Britain near the site of PNG’s last volcanic eruption, lies Kavieng, the capital of New Ireland province.
Threatened Species Day - Coral Sea Perspective
by Xanthe Rivett added 2011-09-07
Australia’s marine environment is more than twice the area of the Australian continent and under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea we have both the rights and the responsibilities to this area. This Threatened Species Day we acknowledge and celebrate some of the marine species that we have responsibility for.
Putting Life in Strobeless Images - Underwater Photography with Mathieu Meur
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-09-01
Not everyone can afford to complement their underwater camera with external strobes. But shooting anything further than a meter or so away without external strobes often results in monochrome blue (or green) images. However, with the addition of a simple, affordable filter, things don't need to be so dull.
Diving Papua New Guinea - Tufi
by Chris Bartlett added 2011-08-19
Papua New Guinea occupies half of the third largest island in the world and 160 other islands and 500 named cays...It is one of the few places left in the world where a diver can see macro critters, pelagics, and big stuff, as well as fantastic soft and hard corals.
The Sealife DC1200 Elite Package - A Review by Lawrence Alex Wu
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-08-05
Simplicity and a user friendliness for the new & hobbyist underwater (UW) photographer is how the Sealife DC1200 camera and housing is designed. With it's UW-purpose built functions and menus, taking photos with or without UW strobes is setup to be just a few clicks away. In particular, there are unique UW functions that are not commonly found in any of the name brand cameras that will take the plunge with you on your dive trips turning UW photography into simple snaps.
Shooting Seascapes - Underwater Photography with Mathieu Meur
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-08-01
As divers, we often come across majestic or stunning underwater sceneries that we would like to share with others back on the surface. Attempts at capturing images of this beauty are often disappointing....
Beating Low Visibility - Underwater Photography with Mathieu Meur
by Tim Hochgrebe added 2011-06-20
Underwater conditions are not always ideal for underwater photography. This doesn't mean that you should leave your camera behind when faced with the prospects of low visibility.


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