Australian Sharks and Rays Fact File - kids book


Steve Parish Fact File Collection - Author: Dr Tony Ayling

Sharks and rays are a very misunderstood group of fish. Although many people think sharks are bloodthirsty predators, they don't deserve this reputation. Sharks have much more reason to fear humans than we do to fear them. Discover the truth about these fascinating creatures, from the infamous white shark to the gentle manta ray, with the Australian Sharks and Rays Fact File.

The Fact File range is the perfect resource for school project work. Expert authors have compiled the most up-to-date facts and figures to provide a comprehensive and fascinating overview of Australia's wildlife. The text is simple yet informative, describing where the animals live, what they look like, what they eat, how they reproduce, and what their conservation status is.

The detailed animal profiles are complemented by outstanding full-colour photographs by Steve Parish and other world-renowned nature photographer

This book is suitable for kids from the age of 7+ - newly independent readers - top learn reading, using illustrations to decode text, general knowledge and vocabulary.

Paperback, 225 x 290 mm, 48 pages - ISBN: 1740219562

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