An Advanced Guide to Digital Underwater Photography


By Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur

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Based on methods employed by professional underwater photographers, the ADVANCED guide for Digital Underwater Photography is packaged with practical techniques and useful information. Whether you are a novice or a serious shooter, this state-of-the-art guide will take your digital imaging proficiency to the next level.

Expanding beyond the basic and essential aspects of digital underwater photography, the content is organised into five modules encapsulating advanced digital imaging knowledge, photographic skills, asset management, and workflow to post production. For the photographer who wishes to appreciate and embrace the art of underwater imagery, techniques for successful pictures are revealed in detail. The structured modules give comprehensive descriptions about the composition and methods for ambient light photography, macro and super macro, wide-angle imagery with and without a model to shooting with filters, over and under images to shooting with HID lights.

Advance yourself with tutorials for the digital darkroom - photo editing, colour and exposure correction. This guide also includes information on digital asset management systems adopted by professional photographers. A generous number of images are used to illustrate the varied form of underwater imaging. A special section features images and secrets from some of the world's top underwater photographers David Doubilet, Doug Perrine, Alex Mustard & Stephen Frink. This is the most definitive advanced guide available for digital underwater photography; a must have essential for any aspiring digital photographer.

Paperback - 127 pages - full colour

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