SeaLife L.E.D. Video Light


Universal Video Light - Sealife L.E.D. Video Light - SL980

3-in-1 Underwater Light for Photo, Video and Dive Includes flexible arm, universal mounting base and quick release light

The new SeaLife Light is the start of a revolution in underwater lighting: Instead of flash-only illumination, advanced LED light technology adds depth and color balance to close-up pictures and videos that strobe-only pictures lack.

Use the light in combination with the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash to create the ideal underwater lighting set-up. The Digital Pro Flash brightens up the colorful background at longer shooting distances. The permanent light makes close-up colors come alive with its wide-angle beam that evenly illuminates the subject without hot spots or overpowering.

The 3-in1 SeaLife Light includes a flexible arm for easy aiming and universal mounting base that fits all SeaLife cameras, and other underwater cameras. Easy to use, one button operation. Release the light from its arm and aim into dark crevices and under coral to uncover hidden sea creatures.


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