Diving in High-Risk Environments


4th Edition 2007 - Steven M. Barsky

Diving in High-Risk Environments, 4th Edition, is the definitive text on contaminated water diving, as well as dry suits, full-face masks, wireless communications, surface-supplied diving, and potable water diving operations. If you are a commercial, military, search and rescue, or technical diver, this book is essential reading.

The book covers all aspects of the job starting with your initial training all the way through what?s required to move up to a supervisory position. It?s an ideal guide for anyone who is considering becomming a commercial diver and a great text for divers enrolled in commercial diver training.

Chapters included in the book are as follows:

This fourth edition has been extensively revised and edited . Includes over 270 photographs, technical illustrations, tables, and charts. There is an exhaustive bibliography and a comprehensive index. Diving in High-Risk Environments is is recommended by Diving Systems International and Trelleborg-Viking, Inc.

Paperback - 256 pages - over 270 photos and illustrations - ISBN978-0-9674305-7-7

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