Axis Mundi


Pixnat presents a film by Natalie Lasselin - 2009

A unique expedition into the inner jungles of Yucatan.

For over a decade, explorer Kurt Bowen and his team of cave explorers have been pushing deeper and deeper into the inner jungles of the Yucatan in search of unexplored cenotes - the windows that reveal the ancient Maya.

Axis Mundi follows the team as they journey relentlessly into the uncharted subterranean chambers, discovering giant underwater passages, ancient relics and the skeletal remains of tragedy and human sacrifice. As they follow a path never before travelled, the team is never sure of what they may encounter.

Travel with them on this journey produced by the award winning director of Facing Darkness.

DVD - English, french subtitles - multiregion NTSC format - 52 minutes - widescreen - Dolby 5.1 + extras

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