Wonders of the Deep: Ocean Weirdos


Wonders of the Deep: Ocean Weirdos - released 2008

Shark Bay Films / John McIntyre production 2004

A visual feast depicting the planet's strangest sea creatures and their even stranger habits. From the deepest oceans to the shallow tropical seas, this film displays the bizarre creatures that inhabit our inner space. They range from the ugly and pugnacious to the alien-like and totally brainless.

Shark Bay Films secured unprecedented and exclusive access to the very latest images and discoveries from the deepest oceans made by the Southampton Oceanography Department in the UK and the film includes interviews with key scientists at the cutting edge of the exploration of this still virtually unknown world.

Among the creatures featured are one of the world's longest animals, a strange snake-like jellyfish which can grow to well over 40 metres and has deadly stinging cells all along its body. In depths of around 300-400 metres off the coast of Scotland, we see the first-ever pictures of predatory monkfish trying to eat a large cod, eventually learning that it must eat the fish head first to succeed.

In the tropical waters of the Far East, there is an abundance of weirdos, such as the ugly Inimcus, better known as the Devil Fish. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the more gentle and endearing image of the seahorse, whose strangeness comes form the fact that it is the males that give birth to live young. Close up pictures of the birth make a fascinating addition to the programme's collection of weirdos. The product of many years scouring our blue planet, Ocean Weirdos reveals images never before seen on film.

DVD - PAL - multi region - 16:9 - Feature length 52 minutes

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