Nocturnal Lights - TLX 800t LED Canister/Technical Dive Light


Nocturnal Lights - TLX 800t LED Technical Dive Light

The TLX 800t is a unique canister dive light that offers an 800 lumen output (approximately 1.5-2x brighter than a 10w HID) through a three ultra bright and efficient LED bulbs. You can use alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries for a continuous burn time of over eight hours on one set of batteries. After eight hours the light will slowly dim out for many hours after, eliminating surprise shutoffs. The extensive burn time will make maintenance and travel a breeze whether you?re a cave, tech, or commercial divers to dive with total freedom.

The light head connects to the battery via a three-foot cord, allowing you to attach the battery canister to your BC or tank belt. The light head come with a removable lantern style grip, which can be replaced with an adjustable Goodman Handle for hands free diving. With the Goodman handle you will be able to hold or let go of the light on demand, allowing you to fully indulge your diving experience.

The LED, battery, and canister design makes the Nocturnal Light TLX 800t one of the most reliable canisters light in the market. The aircraft grade aluminum housing will allow you to work in the toughest conditions while the impact resistant LEDs will save you lots of money and frustration. If you are looking for a bright, rugged, reliable tech/canister light the TLX 800t is the way to go.

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