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AirBuddy bridges the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA. The rechargeable battery-powered air compressor provides you with fresh air from the surface - for up to 45 minutes and 40 feet (12m) deep. No air refills or tank rentals, logistics or bulky gear. It's compact and weighs about 60-70% less than other dive gear on the market. The battery recharge costs only about $0.1 (vs. $20+ single air tank hire).

AirBuddy is the smallest and lightest diving gear in the world. Designed specifically for self-guided shallow water dives, it brings more freedom to diving - no air refills, rentals, complicated logistics or bulky gear! With AirBuddy's tankless design, you choose your locations and can dive anytime and anywhere. And it fits in your bag, making it a perfect companion for your travels.

Get closer to underwater life than when snorkeling and experience the weightless feeling without carrying heavy air-filled tanks on your back.

Underwater is an official retailer for AirBuddy products, feel free to call us with any questions.


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