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Akona Adventure Gear specializes in bags and equipment for the traveler, the diver, and the globetrotter. They design, test, and manufacture equipment that can withstand the harshest environments, the most intense encounters. Though known for theirs bags, Akona nevertheless provides a wide spread of gear for divers. From underwater apparel to fins, snorkels, and accessories, Akona Adventure Gear has you covered.

Akona bags are known by divers worldwide for not only their durability and strength, but the width and breadth of options available. For carrying a few sets of dive gear to the dive site, an Akona Roller Bag is massive enough to do the job and do it right. Telescoping extension handles make for easy rolling, and the wheels are a relief on your back. However, if the terrain gets rocky, many Akona roller bags come equipped with padded backpack straps in case you have to scoop up your gear and get hiking. With integrated padded pouches, zippered compartments, and heavy-duty denier nylon wrapping the whole thing up, an Akona roller bag and the gear inside can survive an expedition.

For a little less gear, Akona makes Backpacks, Duffel Bags, Regulator Bags, and Mask, Fin, & Snorkel Bags that can handle a lighter load without sacrificing that famous Akona strength. The Mesh Bag options are particularly convenient, allowing you to dry a full set of wet gear without worrying about the bag, or even taking the gear out.

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