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Dive Bags - Dry Bags

Everyone needs to carry their dive gear somehow. A dry bag is most useful on dive boats - keep you expensive gadgets such as your mobile phone or land cameras dry. A sparte set of batteries for your camera or strobes - and who wants to come back to a wet towel. In this section you will find a wide selcetion of dive bas and dry bags that will suit any situation.

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  1. SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack

    SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack



    Universal, hands-free light mount ideal for diving and other activities requiring use of hands. Learn More
  2. SeaLife Pro Duo Case

    SeaLife Pro Duo Case



    The soft SeaLife Pro Duo Case is designed to carry and protect your SeaLife underwater camera with two flashes or two video lights, or one of each. Learn More
  3. CB70

    CineBags - CB70 Square Grouper



    CineBags CB70 Square Grouper is a unique carrying device to transport your assembled underwater housing and strobes while on location. It's the perfect solution to transport your gear between the hotel, shuttle, dive shop, and your dive boat. Learn More
  4. CineBags - CB71 Jumbo Dome Port Case

    CineBags - CB71 Jumbo Dome Port Case



    The CB71 Port Case is a heavy-duty case to protect and carry your large-sized dome port and other accessories. Learn More
  5. CB74

    CineBags - ​CB74 Dome Port Case



    The CB74 Dome Port Case is a heavy-duty case to protect and carry your l dome port and other accessories like arms, clamps, or your strobes. Learn More
  6. CB73

    CineBags - CB73 Fisheye Port Case



    The CB73 Port Case is a heavy-duty case to protect and carry your fisheye port or similar sized ports. Learn More
  7. CineBags - CB25B Revolution Backpack

    CineBags - CB25B Revolution Backpack



    The CB25B Revolution Backpack is the standard production tool for TV, broadcasting, and the film industry. It's ultra-versatile, customizable interior allows you to carry cameras, lenses, and accessories in a variety of configurations. Learn More
  8. CineBags - CB23 DSLR Backpack

    CineBags - CB23 DSLR Backpack



    The CB23 DSLR Backpack is the ultimate location backpack. Big enough to carry your entire camera rig while still, carry-on size to fit in the overhead bin of most commercial airlines. Learn More
  9. Mirage Expedition Dry Bags

    Mirage Expedition Dry Bags



    If you've got equipment or clothing you want to keep dry on the dive boat or kayak, the best way is to put it into a Dry Bag. Learn More

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