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Solomon Islands - Neville Coleman's Wildlife Guide

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Lady Elliot Island - Neville Coleman's Wildlife Guide

Dive Australia

A huge new book with over 1000 pages and a must for any diver of Australia - by Peter Stone
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Dive Australia - Peter Stone - 5th edition 2012

A huge new book with over 1000 pages and a must for any diver of Australia

Australia leads the world in recreational dive facilities, training and safety standards - and superb dive sites. Although we have always had a close affinity with the sea, on-going education and awareness of the marine environment needs to be encouraged. There is no better way to appreciate the ocean and its wondrous creatures than by snorkelling and scuba diving.

This fifth edition of the acclaimed Dive Australia, greatly expanded since its first edition in 1982, aims to inform and educate the novice and experienced recreational scuba diver and snorkeller so that the reader may enjoy the marine environment to its fullest.

More than two hundred divers have contributed significantly to the book. It is very much a personalised effort, including the author's own experiences, observations, and comment. It is an invaluable guide for all divers and snorkellers, of all ages, of all levels of experience. The predominant aim is to inform - the author does not hesitate to direct the reader to other important and perhaps more informative references, be they in print or on the Internet: websites are listed throughout, together with a comprehensive reading list.

The book is HARDCOVER with laminated boards for ease of use.

Within these 1022 pages you will find:

  • 553 mono photographs, 58 colour photographs over 16 pages, 60 maps, and over half a million words
  • state by state descriptions of over 2000 dive sites and the facilities available, including shipwrecks, marine life and general terrain, including the type of diving available, be it from shore, boat or off (and under) a jetty, and any concerns that the diver need be aware
  • a 'hundred and one' questions that you have been afraid to ask!.
  • a description of our coastal environment and management
  • the legalities of diving and dive training, boat regulations and marine parks..
  • the Great Barrier Reef, its natural history, marine life, management, and future
  • the many islands under Australian administration are covered in detail
  • Bass Strait gets a chapter of its own because of the unique quality of its diving.
  • historic shipwrecks - over five hundred are listed in some detail
  • diver associations and specialty services
  • government departments and relevant semi-government instrumentalities
  • travel guide - how to visit and 'dive Australia'
  • alphabet soup' and terminology
  • emergency contacts and hyperbaric chambers
  • a comprehensive reading list and web site references
  • oversea travel to the Pacific and other near locations
  • specialty diving - how to further your interests

Octavo, laminated boards, 1004 pp. colour and black and white photographs, maps. - ISBN 9780958665797