Fantasea FA6400 Housing for Sony a6400

Fantasea FA6400 Housing for Sony a6400

AquaTech - M3 Pistol Grip

AquaTech - M3 Pistol Grip

Fantasea FA6500 V2 Housing for Sony a6500 & a6300

The Fantasea FA6500 V2 Housing was designed and manufactured specifically for the Sony a6500 and a6300 cameras - now with Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum Safety System, rated to 60m.
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Fantasea FA6500 V2 Housing for the Sony a6300 and a6500 cameras - cat #1523

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The FA6500 V2 Housing for the Sony a6300 and a6500 cameras replaces the original FA6500 as Fantasea's housing solution. The difference between the two housing versions is the addition of the Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum Safety System as an integral part of the FA6500 V2 Housing.

The Fantasea FA6500 V2 Housing was designed and manufactured specifically for the Sony a6500 and a6300 cameras - cat #1523

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The FA6500 V2 features the Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum Safety System, which includes both a pre-dive vacuum check and an on-dive leak detector. The system allows confirming the watertight seal of the housing prior to the dive using the vacuum system and monitoring the housing seal during the dive using the moisture detector.

The FA6500 V2 Housing features an ergonomic design with access to all essential camera functions. It offers the highest professional standards of functionality, style and durability. 

An FML interchangeable lens port system allows using a wide range of lenses underwater. A standard M16 port allows for optional connectors and accessories to be installed on the housing, including HDMI, vacuum valve or electronic strobe triggering bulkheads. For a maximal sense of security, the housing comes with a leak detector installed inside. 

* Housing does not include the lens port. Lens ports are supplied separately.

Depth rated to 60m/200 feet, the Fantasea FA6500 is the ultimate waterproof home for the Sony a6500 and a6300 cameras. 

The FA6500 V2 Housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography. Underwater photographers can dive or snorkel and capture all the excitement of this fascinating world, while outdoor photographers also have the option of capturing the action of activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing, fishing, hunting, backpacking and camping. 

The FA6500 V2 Housing is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost, impact, as well as other damaging elements and harmful occurrences. 

The FA6500 V2 Housing was designed to be compatible with a complete accessory system, enabling photographers to enhance the quality of their images.

The FA6500 V2 Housing is supplied as a6500-camera-compatible along with an a6300 conversion kit, which includes several parts and housing conversion instructions.If needed, this conversion can also be carried out by an authorized Fantasea dealer or a Fantasea service center.

Features & Specifications

  • Hybrid Vacuum Safety System included
  • Moisture Detector and Alarm
  • Depth rated to 60m/200 feet
  • Made from durable injection molded Polycarbonate 
  • Access to all essential camera controls and functions with clearly labeled controls 
  • Shock resistant 
  • Double O-ring protection for a perfect watertight seal 
  • M16 port for a variety of connections, including HDMI, vacuum valve or electronic strobe triggering bulkheads 
  • Special cold-shoe mount for lighting accessories 
  • Double fiber optic cable port 
  • Removable anti-glare hood for the LCD screen 
  • Easy and secure installation of camera 
  • Moisture Detector and Alarm 
  • Protective housing body cap 
  • Extended shutter release included for easy access when using housing tray and handles 
  • Interchangeable lens port and lens gear accessories are available, allowing for the use of a wide range of lenses 
  • Additional optional housing accessories are available 
  • Weight (without camera and lens port on land): 980g / 34.5 oz 
  • Weight (with camera and FML Flat Port on land): 1,645g / 58 oz 
  • Dimensions (without accessories): 20.5 x 14.5 x 15.5 cm \ 8 x 5.7 x 6.1 inch (W x D x H) 
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 

>> For lenses and ports compatibility information, please visit the FA6500 V2 Housing Lens Ports Chart

>> For optional accessories, please visit the FA6500 V2 Optional Accessories Chart 

Specifically designed accessories are also available such as conversion lenses, trays, flex arms digital flashes and focus lights - please check out the other products in the photographic section of the underwater shop.

FREE* Nano Spotter LED light with every Fantasea housing order - while stocks last