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10Bar Larger Foam Arm Floats - 1120g lift

larger floats 997025larger floats 997025
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10bar larger floats 997025 larger floats 997025

10Bar Larger Foam Arm Floats - 1120g lift

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Detailed Description:

10 Bar - Larger Float Tubes

10 Bar's Largest High Density Foam Buoyancy Tube fits on your underwater photography arms to provide a more neutrally buoyant system.

  • Made from High Density Foam
  • Length is 7cm
  • Outer diameter is 9.7cm
  • Inner diameter is 2.5cm
  • Bouyancy lift is 560 grams each float - total of 1,120 grams
  • TWO floats to each pack

  • Package inclusion - 2 buoyancy float, 2 locking rings and 4 tie wraps.

For any arm system with 25mm diameter such as Ikelite arms, our UN arms and many others

*arm not included - just for illustration of setup

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