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I-Dive Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

SS-02 2000 LumensSS-02 2000 Lumens
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SS-02 2000 Lumens SS-02 4000 Lumens SS-02 4000 Lumens

I-Dive Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

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Detailed Description:

I-DIVE Symbiosis SS-02 Strobe

Up until the release of the I-Torch Symbiosis, underwater lights were divided into two types - Strobes or constant LED video lights.

The Symbiosis is a bold attempt to combine the two and create a single all-in-one light. The Symbiosis is basically a strobe, with a high-end video light mounted on the top part of it.

The name Symbiosis means interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. With this, video light and strobe are now in one body. 

The battery is shared between the two light elements, and the brains inside allow you to control everything through one unique and user-friendly panel on the back.

This Underwater Strobe / Video Light combo comes in two versions, the 2500 and the 4000 (purple head) lumens video light models


  • Guide number: 32 (24 with diffuser)
  • Beam angle: 90º x 80º (diffuser 100x100)
  • Batteries: Lithium battery pack (50Whr)
  • Number of flashes: 800
  • Color temp: 5600k
  • Color temp: 5200 (diffuser)
  • Depth rate: 60m
  • Display: auto directional backlit LCD
  • Recycle time: 2s (full)
  • Dimension: 134 height x 95 width x 125 depth (92mm is diameter of strobe body, 134mm including the light head)
  • Weight with batteries: 1050g (underwater 50g)
  • Exposure control: Auto and manual
  • Strobe level control dial: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 (8 main levels, and each have half levels, total 15 levels)
  • Pre-flash control: learning mode for all different kind of pre-flash
  • Slave function
  • Auto power OFF function
  • Sync cord: Fiber-Optic Cable
  • Over-pressure relief valve
  • Light: cob 1000 lumens, red x3
  • White color temp: 5500k, CRI 80
  • Burn time: 7hrs
  • Optional LED light head up-gradable (2500 and 4000 lumens)
  • Optional Adaptor to transform light head as a stand alone dive light
In the box
  • Battery pack
  • Wall charger
  • Strobe diffuser
  • Dome diffuser
  • YS and 1" Ball mounts
  • Spare O-ring kit
  • Light head opening tool

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