Inon Optical D Cable L Type L Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter Set

Inon Optical D Cable L Type L Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter Set

1g sachets - resealable in packs of 20

Silica Gel packs - resealable - bulk

Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 / D-200

Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 / D-200
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Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 / D-200


The INON Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 is an accessory for the INON Z-330, D-200 to change the beam angle. The various combination of packaged parts supports 7 different beam coverage with the following sophisticated effects

  • To block extra diffused light eliminating backscatter
  • To highlight a subject by illuminating the subject only
  • To give a spotlight effect on a subject etc.

The Rubber Hood is securely attached on a compatible strobe via supplied dedicated aluminum sleeve which is screwed on the Strobe Light Shade mount screw on the strobe.


Z-330, D-200

JAN Code 4562121438996

*Always conduct test shots to familiar with the product characteristic before you take an important shot. When using the strobe in S-TTL Auto mode for spotlight effect of this product, spot metering mode on a camera is recommended since average metering mode or multi pattern metering mode could wash out the center of an image. In case S-TTL Auto mode does not provide appropriate exposure, use Manual mode.

*When you entry with this product being attached on a strobe, make sure to evacuate remaining air inside of the Rubber Hood before you get underwater.

*The Snoot Tube will reduce available intensity of the built-in Focus Light.

*Make sure to cool down the strobe according to instruction manual [Operational limitation on flashing/Focus Light] leaflet provided with the strobe, to prevent overheating / degradation of light emitting part / inner components. The light emitting part could have discoloration or burn when excessive repeated flashes are made. Should you observe any irregularity mentioned above, stop using the strobe immediately.

*Always extend the "Rubber Hood 72" when using the "Snoot Tube 10" or "Snoot Tube 26" together to prevent possible damage on light emitting part and/or inner circuit of the strobe etc. since generated heat could stay close to the light emitting part.