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Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific

Reef Fish Identification - Tropical PacificReef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific
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Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific

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Detailed Description:

By Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, paul Humann and Ned Deloch - ©2003 reprinted in 2007

The most comprehensive field guide ever compiled for identifying tropical Pacific fishes, with more than 2500 photographs of 2000 species taken in their natural habitat.

Finally, a comprehensive fish identification guide covering the fish-rich reefs of the Pacific. It contains 2,500 underwater photographs of 2,000 species from four of the best marine life authors/photographers in the business. Their collaboration makes it possible for underwater naturalists to identify fishes from Thailand to Tahiti with a single, compact, easy-to-use, no-nonsense reference. 108 fish families are presented in one of 20 Identification groups based on a family's related visual or behavioural characteristics, such as Large Oval / Colourful or Sand/Burrow Dwellers. Likewise, every effort has been made to group similar appearing species together, for example 18 yellowish or yellow tinted butterfly fishes occupy three adjoining pages.

The concise text accompanying each species portrait includes the fish's common, scientific and family names, size, description, visually distinctive features, preferred habitat, typical behavior, depth range, and geographical distribution. When applicable, a superimposed arrow points to the species' diagnostic feature often the crucial feature for distinguishing between similar-appearing species.

In a true sense, this is a well-crafted tool for sorting among the beautiful, colorful and exotic kaleidoscope of fishes that you swim with on every Pacific dive. Whether heading for the Pacific, celebrating the diversity of nature or simply trying to identify Nemo, this is a book to enjoy for a lifetime.

Soft cover, 150 mm x 230 mm, 480 pages. ISBN 1-878348-36-1 Published by New World Publications

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