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Scuba Diving Vanuatu - Santo

Scuba Diving Vanuatu - SantoScuba Diving Vanuatu - Santo
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Scuba Diving Vanuatu - Santo

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Detailed Description:

Scuba Diving Vanuatu - Santo - MBH Productions

One island in Vanuatu more than any other attracts divers from all over the world it is Espiritu Santo or Santo for short. "Scuba Diving at Santo" is a fascinating two part documentary which follows three divers as they recall some of their diving adventures at this impressive island. Stunning underwater sequences depicts our team as they exploring some of the impressive wrecks and coral reefs around Santo, which are teeming with marine life, while historic footage and photographs brings to life the sinking of the historic SS President Coolidge. "Scuba Diving at Santo" is a must have program for anyone who has visited Santo or for divers whom are planning to visit this unique dive destination.

Santo is the island that James A Michener called home for many years and is the island that his famous novel 'South Pacific' is based upon. Santo is from a time past, with local people still coming in from the surrounding jungle to trade for a few basic necessities. World War Two aircraft wrecks and old hangers scattered in the thick tropical jungle serve as silent reminders of the American occupation of the island during World War Two. The warm clear waters of this untouched island paradise are host to a variety of world famous wrecks and beautiful coral reefs. This program covers the following dive locations:

SS President Coolidge, this is the main diving attraction at Santo. A impressive 200 metre luxury liner which was used as a troop ship during World War Two. It sank in 1942 complete with munitions, military supplies and personal belongings, its all here to see and explore!

Boris the Grouper: See the South Pacific?s largest grouper being hand fed, while he interacts and swims amongst visiting divers. See Boris take and eat a green turtle!

Santo Shark Feed: If you're into excitement and adrenalin rush, then this is a must see sequence. Watch as grey reef sharks fed right in front of our divers faces, we were one of the last groups to film this amazing spectacle before it was stopped in 2001.

MV Herny Bonneaud: A 45m costal trading tramp sunk intentionally in 1989 for the purpose of diving. It now acts as a artifical reef attracting an incredible amount of fish and coral life.

Beacon Reef: Named after a beacon that used to mark this huge reef, the beacon has now collapsed into the sea and is part of this underwater garden.

\"Scuba Diving at Santo\" is the result of collaboration between four Melbourne divers, with a long-standing passion and fascination with diving at Santo. The programs Producer, Director and Cinematographer, Mark Harris is a media professional who started his career at the ABC and currently heads the Multimedia Production Facility at La Trobe University, in Melbourne Australia.

© 2003 - DVD-R - PAL format - 47 minutes.