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Seadoo Seascooter RS3

Seadoo Seascooter RS3Seadoo Seascooter RS3
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Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3 Seadoo Seascooter RS3

Seadoo Seascooter RS3

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Detailed Description:

Seadoo Seascooter RS3 - #SD15003

Boundless energy and underwater adventures! Move into the big blue in ways never seen before. Jump right into the next chapter of underwater travel.

With its environmentally friendly LI-ION power source and unique, instant neutral buoyancy system, the SEA-DOO® Seascooter™ RS Series offers a bold new way to experience the big blue.

Ideal for shore dives and snorkelling or just having fun in the water. A great toy for the back of the boat. Lead ballast weights can be added to this Seascooter to alter performance. They are generally used to change the weight distribution.


  • Dual-stage speed control with 2-speed selection
  • Speed - 5.0 kmh / 3.1 mph
  • Battery Type - Li-ion 22.2 V / 4 AH
  • Battery Life - 60 minutes with standard use
  • Weight - 8.6 kgs / 19 lbs
  • Depth Rating - 30m / 100 feet
  • Dimensions - 319mm x 300mm x 610mm
  • NEW GoPro mount now INCLUDED

This Seascooter has been replaced with the new Yamaha Seascooter PDS220Li

ANY RS3 orders will be shipped as the new blue version, the Yamaha Seascooter PDS220Li


The Seascooter™ RS introduces the first LI-ION battery system in a lightweight recreational DPV. It is also removable for external charging and simple battery replacement. An ECO friendly alternative to other battery types, the Lithium-Ion battery provides double the lifespan of conventional batteries and significantly reduces charging time. It is compact and light weight making the Seascooter™ RS Series the first serious lightweight-recreational sea scooter.


The Seascooter™ RS contains a self-filling ballast hull to achieve neutral buoyancy almost instantly. Strategically placed drain holes allow water to freely enter and exit the ballast space making the Seascooter™ RS automatically assume neutral buoyancy when submerged, and expel water as soon as it hits the surface.


The handlebar of the Seascooter™ RS is the user's main navigation tool and is made of the best impact resistant material. It features smart ergonomically positioned triggers for a natural thumb position during trigger operation, accessory D-ring attachment points and a dashboard-style LED battery status indicator for an accurate voltage display during use.

#SD15003 - RS3 includes > 1 x RS3 LI-ION battery > battery charger > GoPro mount

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More info, downloadable manuals and brochures on the extensive SeaDoo Seascooter Australia website.

We stock a full range of spare parts for this Seascooter and provide a full service center. If you need any parts not listed in the online store, please contact us.

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