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Sublue is a professional team focusing on innovative underwater products including drones, robots and scooters.

Sublue has developed a wide range of core technologies such as integrated propeller-motor system, autonomous underwater navigation and precise movement control. Based on its advanced technological capabilities, Sublue has developed a variety of products for water sports, ocean survey and conservation.

Sublue is devoted to meeting consumer’s growing needs by developing a new generation of intelligent products that connect people to the underwater world for understanding, joy and protection.

underwater.com.au is an official Sublue dealer and distributor with full warranty support and best prices.

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  1. Space Blue

    Sublue Whiteshark Mix - Underwater Scooter - next generation



    The Swim Glider - WhiteShark MIX - next gen model - is the world's smallest water scooter and features a propulsion system using two independent propellers, enabling speeds of up to 5 km/h. Learn More
  2. spare battery for Sublue Whiteshark Mix

    Sublue Whiteshark Mix - Battery



    Use this Whiteshark Mix 11,000mAh Battery from Sueblue as a spare or to replace the original battery included with the Whiteshark Mix underwater scooter. The 11.1V, 122.1Wh LiPo battery will power your Whiteshark Mix for approximately thirty minutes. Learn More
  3. Sublue Swii - An Electronic Kickboard

    Sublue Swii - An Electronic Kickboard



    Sublue Swii - An electronic kickboard designed utilizing innovative technology that will make water activities fun for every member of your family. Learn More
  4. Sublue Seabow or Swii - Battery

    Sublue Seabow or Swii - Battery



    Sublue Seabow or Swii spare battery, with a lifetime of up to 75 minutes having a spare battery on hand is essential for more play time. Learn More
  5. Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter

    Sublue Seabow - Underwater Scooter



    Sublue Seabow, the most powerful underwater scooter with 3 speeds up to 7.2km/h, 40m depth, max 75 mins battery life and extendable to underwater photography platform. Learn More

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