DYRON Wide Angle Lens 20mm 0.4x

DYRON Wide Angle Lens 20mm 0.4x

UNWC-02 Wide Angle Lens - 46mm

Made by UN Photographics in Japan, this wide angle lens is designed for underwater camera housings with 46mm (and smaller) lens ports.
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UNWC-02 Wide Angle Lens - for Olympus and other housings

Made by UN Photographics in Japan, this wide-angle lens with 46mm thread designed for the Olympus PT-014, PT-016, PT-017, PT-019, PT-021, PT-024, PT-026, PT-029, PT-030 and other housings.

Step up and down rings are available to suit housings with a port diameter of 40.5mm (for PT-033, PT-035 and many others like the PT-041) and 52mm (PT-034 etc.) - FREE with lens order, just mention in your order comments

For a 67mm thread wide-angle lens see the DYRON brand department.


  • Size: 79mm x 60.1mm
  • Depth rated to 40 meters
  • Magnification ratio: Approx 0.58 times.
  • Weight: 333 g

In The Box

  • 1x lens case
  • 1x soft pouch

This is an awesome lens at a fantastic price.