Wonders of the Deep: Undersea Homes

Wonders of the Deep: Undersea Homes

Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken

Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken

Wonders of The Deep Box Set - 3 DVDs

Bizarre - Fascinating - Marvellous - You won't believe your eyes. 3 Disc Box Set including Ocean Weirdos, Undersea Homes and Klin Wara: Ultimate Papua New Guinea.
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Wonders of The Deep Box Set - released 2008

DVD - 3 DISC BOX SET - Shark Bay Films ©2003 - 2004 - 2008


OCEAN WEIRDOS A visual feast depicting the planet's strangest sea creatures and their even stranger habits. From the deepest oceans to shallow tropical seas, this film displays the bizarre creatures that inhabit our inner space. Shark Bay Films secured unprecedented and exclusive access to the very latest images and discoveries from the deepest oceans made by the Southampton Oceanography Department in the UK and the film includes interviews with key scientists at the cutting edge of the exploration of this still virtually unknown world.

UNDERSEA HOMES This fascinating film reveals the captivating secret lives of fishes and where and how they live in the ocean. Featuring fish that build their own homes, creatures that live on others and even some that adapt human rubbish to provide safe undersea homes. Produced from footage gathered over 15 years roaming every corner of the planet's oceans, this film is truly global in its scope, showcasing creatures and behaviour never previously filmed. A completely fresh look at the undersea world and its bizarre creatures - you will think very differently of fish after watching this film! Winner of the prestigious Prix Brigitte Cruickshank Award.

KLIN WARA ULTIMATE PAPUA NEW GUINEA A huge mysterious land of jungle cloaked mountains andpristine tropical islands. A society of isolated tribes where almost one third of the world?s languages arespoken, and where strange and gruesome traditions survive. - An ocean where huge shoals of giant fish gatherover remote sea mounts. - An ocean with massive biodiversity, home to the most bizarre sea creatures on theplanet. - And where the debris of WW2 is scattered throughout the jungle and across the sea floor.

3 DVDs - PAL - multi region - 16:9 - Total Feature length 160 minutes