About Around Australia

The 'Around Australia Underwater' project is a 10 month 'underwater' journey around Australia to dive, film, photograph and blog starting in July 2012.

The journey is to be a lighthearted and adventurous tale of a diving family featuring Tim & Wandy and their 2 children Max and Zac. We use a tough 4WD, an off-road caravan and a whole lot of dive gear, satellite communication and image making devices of all kinds.

You can follow our journey right here on underwater.com.au and we hope this will be an inspiration to many to get off their Facebook and into the water and tell the world what fun is to be had underwater. We hope to highlight much of the fantastic diving our beautiful continent has to offer and we hope to meet many of you along the way.

Our journey will start at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef heading North. We will pass up the East coast to Cape Tribulation and from there head across via Darwin to the Kimberley region, then down via Broome and Exmouth to Perth and Southern WA. From there we will cross the Nullarbour to South Australia, into Victoria, cross over to Tasmania and then along the South East Coast of Australia up to the Sunshine Coast, where the journey will end.

There are hundreds of well known dive spots along the coast of Australia and we aim to feature as many as we can possibly fit into our schedule. Of course there will be land based adventures included as well, especially in areas where there is little diving available such as Kakadu and the Kimberleys.

To contact the 'Around Australia Underwater' team please email aroundaustralia@underwater.com.au.

Team Members

Tim Hochgrebe
Our oceans are too beautiful not to visit them - a world you will miss out on if you don't experience it yourself. See you underwater ...
Wandy Hochgrebe
Keen diver most comfortable between 3 and 30 meters. Passionate about promoting the beauty and importance of our oceans, its habitats and organisms. People have the best experience when they know what they are looking at!

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